We are how we live! What that means is that our lifestyle choices determine how healthy and fit we are. Obesity, lack of exercise, smoking, consuming high levels of alcohol or other addictive substances, disregard for precautions during sexual intercourse – all of these are potentially negative lifestyle choices that can greatly affect our health and long-term quality of life.

Without proper counselling and expert guidance, poor lifestyle choices don’t only impact individuals, but can also have a ripple effect on family, friends and loved ones.

Understanding the impact of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), and knowing how to take preventive measures; knowing how dietary choices can impact your health; adding an element of exercise and physical activity in your daily schedule – these can be conscious choices that Life Family Clinic professionals can help with.

We’ll not only help you make future safe and healthy lifestyle choices, but we’ll also be by your side to help you fight the impact of past poor lifestyle choices!

  • Weight and diet management
  • Smoking Cessation Programme
  • STD Testing / Treatment
  • Rapid HIV test (20 minutes)