Knee Pain

Are you suffering from knee pain ?
Is it affecting your mobility and movement ?
You may have Osteoarthiritis

Osteoarthiritis is a common cause of knee pain.

It is due to degeneration of the knee joint. Typically, patients with osteoarthritis may have difficulty climbing stairs, pain worsen on walking longer distance and difficulty in squatting. Occasionally, they may have swelling of the knee and hear a rubbing sound when they move their knees. Signs may include crepitus, joint effusion, joint line tenderness, limited range of motion of the knee and deformity of the knee. This is due to the decrease in knee joint space and formation of bone spurs and cartilage wear-out.

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Orthovisc injection

Here at Life Family Clinic, our dedicated physician administers Orthovics injections to patients suffering from Osteoarthritis-related knee pain. The injections help restore fluids in the joints which act as lubricant and shock absorbers for the patients joints. Our professionals are highly experienced in providing patients the injection in a safe and clinically sound environment.

What is Orthovisc?

Orthovisc is an ultra-pure, high molecular weight injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) viscosupplement used to treat the joint pain caused by osteoarthritis. It provides up to 6 months of efficacy with only 3 to 4 injections (one week apart) that comes in a single use syringe. The effectiveness of the ORTHOVISC treatment is partially based on the product’s delivery of one of the highest concentrations of HA currently available in a multi-injection treatment.